Types of Noses and Personality

The truth is that nose is not the only one of the parts of our face jumping to single view, but their form has a hidden code that uncovers our personality, Aren’t you anxious to know what yours has to say about you?

Here are six basic types of noses that can tell about a person’s character.


Your character is not exactly strong , you let yourself be influenced by others, because that decision-making is not given to you for anything, your hallmark is indecision. You are the type who is upset at the slightest provocation and it is not uncommon to get sick. Your worrywart nature always plays tricks on you.


Do you know how to be quiet! All a whirlwind! You are overactive, that to stay sitting or lying without moving a finger is not your thing. Like walking from here to there and no one will halt. You’re super creative and authentic. Stubbornness is your thing, you have a mega persistent side and, once something gets you to the head, there is no power that you take it out of mind.


You’re proud, pride, this type of nose denotes impulsivity. Tact is not your thing and often say and do the first thing that dictates your instinct, without caring the consequences. You spend selfish and all you think about is yourself.


Sociability is not something to with ease , by contrast, prefer to be in your world and it is common to opt for being alone. You’re insecure and take care each of your words give away your fear in the eyes of others. Sometimes you spend and you are very hard on yourself. If you mess up, do you reproach thousand and one times.


Like making display of each of your achievements, take advantage of even the smallest chance to get something you have done well, interrupt others and think no more interesting than subject yourself and everything that happens to you. You are egotistical to full and hypochondriac to the bone, so it is a mini headache, migraine thou become grade 3.


You have great confidence in yourself, you know who you are, how much you’re worth and what you can get once you’re up to. You approach goals and miss all the enthusiasm in the world to meet them. You are determined and a born leader.