Choosing The Right Wedding Catering Christchurch Company


So, you’re getting married soon and looking for the best wedding catering service in Christchurch. Your wedding is the most memorable event of your life and there are endless things you need to plan. People may forget the decoration and ambience, but most of your guests would remember the food and service at your wedding. One should hire the best wedding caterers to offer outstanding services to the guests.

You should talk to a few good reputed catering agencies before hiring one. You’d be amazed to find a lot of companies and individuals offering wedding catering Christchurch services. It may be tricky to select the best one. We’ve listed down some tips to help you make the right choice:

More Than a Meal

Whether your wedding is a small gathering or a big event with hundreds of guests, it is important that the caterers offer the guests something more than a meal. You should look for agencies that do not just offer fixed meals, they should be able to customise the menu as per your requirements. The service provided plays a major role in making your marriage memorable for you, your family members, and the guests. The concerned wedding catering agencies should be able to understand your wedding theme and offer custom services. Try to find out the knowledge and courtesy of the caterers while hiring one.

Seek Multiple Quotes

When looking for wedding catering services, try to get quotes from different providers. Find out what the professionals include in their package, what kind of services they provide, and check whether they can personalise the menu or services matching your requirements. Get multiple quotes from different vendors so that you get many options to compare and make the right decision.

Consider The Headcount

You would not want your guests to wait for a glass of wine. When you approach any catering agency, consider the headcount. Prepare a list of guests you are planning to invite and talk to the companies. Discuss all the services in advance to avoid problems later on. Create a list of special instructions before the event.

Discuss About Their Services

Along with food, your guests would need good service also. It’s important to check how the team members greet or treat the guests. The wedding catering Christchurch company you hire should be able to treat the guests well with patience. It may be difficult to find out what kind of services they offer by just talking to them. You can ask them to provide you with past client references to get an idea about their services.


You should start early and meet the caterers to know whether they can provide you the dishes to taste. You may have to contact them in advance if you want to taste their dishes. They may suggest you to taste the menu items at events, celebrations, expos, and other places. Once you find the right company offering exceptional food along with service, do not wait to hire them. You may have to make the bookings weeks before your special day.

Wedding is an important affair in one’s life and you would not want to go wrong with it. Hire the best wedding catering agency in Christchurch and get personalised menu for your guests.

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