Before And After School Care Companies


Have you grown tired and frustrated from the daily homework struggle with your child?  Evenings are for spending quality time with your family; not for struggling to get homework and school projects completed before bedtime.  School-based after school programs can be wonderful but are often set at high ratios of as many as 20 kiddos to one staff person. Children often leave these programs having received very little individual attention or support and their homework is frequently unfinished.  Feel great about sending your K-8 child to Hearts and Minds Before And After School Care Companies in Melbourne – where she/he will be picked up from school (!), work with a warm and caring credentialed teacher to complete homework, receive individual and small group tutoring in order to sharpen skills and CA standards,  participate in cooperative projects and games, and learn how to have empathy for others – all in a comfortable and safe family home setting! I invite you to take a look around my website for important information about my childcare philosophy and program offerings.  I know you’ll want to contact me right away for an interview and tour! We are dedicated to providing a quality service which is child centred and where activities are developed around your child’s interests. We want your child to have fun, to engage in stimulating activities, to play, to learn new skills and to use their wonderful imagination.


I was looking at different after school programs in Australia to enrol my children for the school year. I had no idea that there were so many after school programs out there that cater to children of all ages. There seem to be an after school care program for every sport, hobby, or interest out there. I was searching the Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney area hoping to narrow the search down but that didn’t help.

Of all the after school programs I found, I like the martial arts after school care programs. Structure and discipline are very important for the child and I feel that through martial arts they will learn these important life skills. There are many martial arts schools in Australia, and most of them offer an after school program. After realizing how many there were, I began to look more deeply at the school. I went to about 5 Australia martial arts schools to find that they are very different. Here are some things to look for in your school care program.

First thing was the look of the teacher. That was important for me because if the teacher him/her self is out of shape, I do not want my child learning self-discipline. I found that there are martial arts schools in Australia that have teachers that really should not be teaching. I seriously walked out of 3 schools after a short conversation with the Master. I mean, I am a small woman that needs an Australia Chiropractor to function normally, if I feel that I can whoop the teacher then I was prob not in the right school.

After I got past the teacher, I then look at the dojang itself. Karate after school programs in Australia is usually held in martial arts schools. However, some of the schools either do not have room for the program, do not have tables and chairs for the children to do homework, lack the staff to watch the children or help with their homework. The actual gym is important, so make sure you check it out before signing up. There needs to be a place for them to train karate, also a quiet place for them to study.


So I find this school Martial Arts. Master was the one who greeted me. I liked his look, very strong. He answered all of my questions, which was nice but was not what really shocked me about this martial arts school. What was nice was, the whole time I was there asking questions, he did not once pressure me into buying anything. He simply answered my questions and allowed me to leave. After going home and looking over all of my notes, I ended up coming back to enrol. The place was a serious martial arts school, they have a separate after-school program room for homework. A place to put food for the children’s after-school snack, and a heating source to warm the food up. The teachers were warm and really know how to talk to the children.

I would advise anyone looking for an after school program to make sure to do some research. This is the type of thing that you really don’t want to keep bouncing your child around because you find things you don’t like about the current karate school. If you are looking at after school programs in Australia, check out Martial Arts with Master Charles Panoyan. They are a really good school.