20 ideas for working at home for women

If you are married, single, with or without children, all these 20 professions can be used to work in the comfort of your home. Be your own boss. Many people dream of working in the comfort of their home, as this brings many advantages: you create your own schedule, you are close to your children, and you save on transportation, clothing and other expenses. On the other hand, it also implies that you must take care of the discipline and the organization and, above all, the initiative.

  • Decide what you want to do.
  • Make a list of the things you like to do or experience.
  • Determine the time you have available to develop the activity.

Learn the basics of computer science. Find a computer school, if necessary, and learn how to navigate the Internet. Learn to manage yourself in social networks, and the principles of online marketing. That will facilitate the development of your business. Maybe you will not even have to use the computer, but it’s good to know how to handle receipts, contracts, budgets, accounting to organize and make your business, even so, you know when you have to make money in your business.

It is mandatory to have a workspace in the home. It does not matter that it’s just a corner where you can concentrate and stay organized. Consult government agencies about the legal procedures of opening a home business, the licenses you need to take out, taxes payable, the bills you must issue. From my perspective, it is best to do everything right and do it well so as not to have headaches in the future.

Here are twenty ideas for work you can do from home, depending on your skills and experience:

  1. Marketing and Propaganda

Many bloggers earn money by placing ads on their blogs. If you know how to write and your blog is viral, you can attract consumers of some brands. It can be through the Google Adsense or build your own packages, where you draw up a contract with companies that want to sponsor you.

  1. Artist

If you are good at painting, drawing or sculpting, use your creative talents to earn money from home, either through the Free Market, eBay, Etsy, or make your own clientele. You can even contact editors who need your talent for illustrating children’s books or others.

  1. Online store

If you do crafts, create materials typical of a region, or sell products, you can create your website or blog to resell, and offer your family and friends. Some ideas are costume jewellery, clothing and pieces of knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing and repairs, imported clothing, decorated slippers, cakes, cakes, breakfast baskets, etc. also you can sell the demountable partitions, as they are much needed these days!

  1. Graphic designer

If your skill is graphic production programs, media, marketing semiotics, or typography, this is for you. A graphic designer can work in many areas of assembling logos, trademarks, books, magazines, brochures, catalogues, newspapers, packaging, websites, software, games, events, etc. It is, in short, a good profession that grows every day.

  1. Author and writer

If you like to write and you do well, there are several websites where you can work independently. You can also develop this activity by writing blogs, websites, and books. Of course, the hard part is finding an editor to publish and disseminate your work.

  1. Consulting

If you have experience in a particular area, you can work as a consultant for an individual or even a company. You can even offer your services online. There are consultants in management, cooking, information technology, finance and many other branches.

  1. Secretary or virtual assistant

Increasingly, professionals outsource to small and large companies, as well as professionals to provide their services in time control, accounting, appointments, meetings, call centre, and even motorcycle courier, shopping, waiter for business parties and other events.

  1. Party decorator

There are many designers of children’s parties, weddings, social gatherings, family celebrations, etc that require demountable partitions. They take care of the decoration, floral arrangements for tables, and often associate with other professionals who can provide full service for different events.

  1. Buffet (cakes, sandwiches and sweets for parties)

If you like to make cakes, you can specialize in decorating them. Take a course and turn your passion into a profitable profession and develop it in the form of sandwiches and sweets for different parties.

  1. Babysitting/daycare

If you like working with children, you can be a professional nanny at home. Learn first aid, look for a separate and safe area for children, and research into specific legislation about what you need to perform this task at home.

  1. Private teacher / tutor / translator

You can, for example, work as a translator, private teacher using demountable partitions, or give regularization to children and adolescents to achieve understanding and academic success. You can even work in offices and consulates translating documents. You can teach school subjects and also sports such as basketball, swimming, soccer, music, languages, etc.

  1. Editor / Text Reviewer

This is for people who find it easy to realize details and have training in the area. You need to keep up with spelling updates and start offering your services to publishers, websites, authors, or students who are preparing your thesis.

  1. Event coordinator

You can help promote weddings, birthdays, parties, social gatherings, associate with decorators, florists, dancers, musical groups and provide comprehensive services to parties in general.

  1. Hairdressing / aesthetics / manicure

This may seem like a commonplace, but there is enough ground and it is growing every day in search of people who have this talent.

  1. Cleaning

Nowadays, most people no longer hire “servants”, and the establishment of cleaning companies and professional organizations where they can hire you for a project, or the organization of an area is increasing.

  1. Photography

There are many fields such as weddings, family photos, birthdays, fifteen years, or various events.

  1. Personal trainer

You can help other people achieve their ideal of health and fitness. This can give you good results.

  1. Seamstress

If your gift is sewing, you can work with companies in the manufacture of pieces at home. You can also develop a line of clothes and original pieces. If you studied fashion, you can even create your own brand.

  1. Express courier

Messaging services can make a difference for any business, and also to people, whether using a bicycle or a motorcycle.

  1. Care of the elderly

The most modern companions have a nursing assistant course. That way they visit several elderly people on a day to supervise their food, medicines and guide them in their own homes.